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“We’re all on the same team. We work with our clients, suppliers, and each other to achieve a defined purpose through collective participation and engagement.”

Martyn Madden – Director

Client Support - Martyn Madden

Client Support

Client Support

Supporting Clients for 20+ years

Our management system is eco friendly and makes MJM Cleaning Services paperless.

Our management system is eco friendly and makes MJM Cleaning Services paperless. The system is designed to keep all staff and clients up to date with any issues that can arise with any site.

Our cleaning management system is automated & stress free.

All training, Audits, reports, and actions are raised within our system with Client Support on the other side to resolve all immediately. It provides visibility and insights to help raise safety and quality stand- ards across an organisation with this platform,

Inspections will be no longer strenuous and stressful. Our Supervisors complete them from any virtual location using their tablet or any other mobile device, whether there is an internet connection or not. The app also gives you the freedom to quickly capture information and include location, photo, or digital signature. This makes the process simple but powerful in ensuring everything is done the correct way every time.

We are also able to automatically generate detailed reports and at the tap of our finger, customize and share them with each team member. These reports are also stored securely and can be retrieved easily for future reference.

Moreover, this platform gives instant feedback and all the data we collect is synced into the powerful analytic tools thereby giving you an instant visibility of compliance, accuracy, productivity, and more. This gives you the chance to track safety and quality metrics and evaluate risk to make improvement in real-time.




When entering a contract with MJM your first 2 weeks of cleaning will be FREE of charge.*

Client Support - Client Cleaning Support Team
Dani Smith

Client Support Manager

We treat your office as if it’s our office

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  • FREE Two Weeks Cleaning*

  • National Living Wage Employer

  • ECO Friendly Products Used

  • All Staff Enhanced DBS Approved